Mozart au Sablon:

Magic Flute Overture

Great Mass in C minor

Hai già vinta la causa, Il mio tesoro, Durch Zärtlichkeit, Dove sono

Serenade in E flat for winds

Akademisk Korforening from the University of Oslo (co-hosts)

Laura Telly Cambier, Auriane Socoman, Alfonoso Giuliani, Richard Craddock

Sirius Wind Ensemble

Return to Oz:

Mussorgsky (Pictures at an Exhibition)


Imagine yourself wandering through an art gallery. Have you ever wondered how the pictures you see might be expressed in music? What would an old castle sound like, or a bustling marketplace, a grand city gate or the wooded lair of Baba Yaga?

Discover how paintings can come alive with music and join the Bruocsella Symphony Orchestra on a musical journey to a simple farm on the rolling plains of Kansas. Meet Aunt Em and Uncle Henry, their niece, Dorothy (Chloé Van Thielen) and her little dog, Toto. Dorothy and her dog had an extraordinary adventure in the Land of Oz. where they met the courageous Lion (Toby Lane), a Tin Man with a big heart (Peter Lane) and a Scarecrow with a ‘very, very large brain’ (Blaise Landsbert-Noon). These unlikely companions will face new challenges when Dorothy goes back over the rainbow.  

We invite you to our annual Children’s Concerts, entitled Return to Oz, under the musical direction of David Miller. The BSO will perform Modest Mussorgsky’s lively, dramatic and majestic Pictures at an Exhibition and other works, accompanying Dorothy and her friends on a brand new journey to Oz. 

Our concert will feature narration by Carolyn Saunders, the beautiful voices of Laura Ford, Lisa Armetta, Andy Pimm and Richard Craddock. Choreography is by Carolyn Saunders, Salwa and some of our own young dancers, Nyah, Klara, Elise and Amalia. We welcome back actor, Tim Myers.  A special surprise awaits as the La Chantanne choir of Waterloo joins the Bruocsella. Our featured instrument this year is the famously Belgian invention, the saxophone with soloist Charline D’hoore.

On 1st and 2nd December we will be giving 4 concerts in 3 languages at the W:Halll in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre.  

Saturday, 1st December 

16:00 Dutch and 19:00 French

Sunday, 2nd December

14:00 English and 17:00 French


Beethoven and Deafness:

Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony

Various operatic arias

Chantal Gerday (narrator)

Pupils of the École intégrée

The Bruocsella Symphony Orchestra, conducted by David Miller, will perform Beethoven’s 6th Symphony. There will be narration from Chantal Gerday explaining Beethoven’s life, including his deafness. During the performance there will be drawings depicting his life projected on a screen behind the orchestra. Drawings are by Anne Clossen. Be sure not to miss it! After the break the orchestra will accompany singers in a selection of opera arias. At the same time a group of deaf and hearing-impaired children from the École intégrée will sing and sign with Chantal. At the end of the concert the kids will play percussion with the orchestra. David Miller, conductor and former La Monnaie pianist, is himself a passionate student of Francophone Belgian sign language. He is looking forward to seeing lots of his deaf friends in the audience for this unique concert. Tickets €10 Tickets online or at the door on the day You’re all very welcome!

Nordic Notes:

Maskarade Overture (Nielsen)

Interlude from Sången (Stenhammar)

Piano Concerto in A minor (Grieg)

Symphony No. 2 (Sibelius)

Julie Delbart (piano)

Nordic Notes

Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles


Rhythm and Duke:

El Salón México - Copland

Songs by Duke Ellington

West Side Story Symphonic Dances - Bernstein

Laura Ford (soprano)